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 Sortie de Zandronum 1.0

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MessageSujet: Sortie de Zandronum 1.0   Lun 27 Aoû 2012, 19:11

Zandronum, le fork de Skulltag, vient officiellement de sortir. Smile

Voici ce que Torr Samaho, chef du projet, a déclaré :

Citation :

This is a major milestone for various reasons. First and foremost, it is the first public version of Zandronum and thus ends the awkward situation where most of the servers are still running Skulltag 98d even though Skulltag has been officially declared dead by its creator and the community migrated to Zandronum.

The development of this release started almost two years ago under the name 98e. What was originally intended to be a small bug fix release grew into much, much bigger proportions. The two most striking differences changing our development model are the opening of the source and the creation of a Skulltag fork named Zandronum.

The long development time allowed us to make truckloads of changes to the engine. There are too many new things and fixes to highlight all of them, so let me just list some very remarkable ones:

  • 3D floors in competitive modes and non-sloped 3D floors in the software renderer
  • considerably improved client side prediction (try some bridge things)
  • numerous new ACS commands (ResetMap anyone?) and the GAMEMODE lump that allows the reconfiguration of hard coded gamemodes (e.g. Coop with teams, LMS with spawned map things)
  • an almost unlimited number of big and small fixes for things that have been plaguing Skulltag for ages (for instance the weapon synchronization is completely redesigned, putting an end to many of the problems inherent to the old system)
  • 64 player support
  • reduced monster bandwidth usage
  • auto return system for the Terminator sphere and the Hellstone, making Terminator and Possession finally playable on all maps
  • "unblock players" flag to allow hordes of players play cramped maps with few player starts
  • much improved Hexen support
  • flexible forward skipping in client demos
  • much better poly object handling online
  • externalization of Skulltag's resources (existing Skulltag mods are still fully supported, but need to be loaded with compatibility wads to supply the Skulltag assets)

Le lien pour le téléchargement est ici :
Enjoy !

"Manners maketh man."
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MessageSujet: Re: Sortie de Zandronum 1.0   Lun 27 Aoû 2012, 20:46

Ah, bonne nouvelle ça =)

Blood Speedrunning by Dislogical

Dislogic's Metal Collection
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MessageSujet: Re: Sortie de Zandronum 1.0   Lun 27 Aoû 2012, 23:08

Menace trouvée de type Trojan, par mon Norton Internet Security. Nom Suspicious.Cloud.2, mais le niveau de risque est relativement faible.

Ca commence bien. J'ai téléchargé l'installer, je vais tenter de l'unzip.

(Reste des messages portant sur les antivirus divisés et envoyés dans la section "Informatique".)
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MessageSujet: Re: Sortie de Zandronum 1.0   Mar 06 Nov 2012, 11:35

aucun problème.

Changement de nom complétement bidon c'est juste Skulltag avec une interface moins chiantes + de servers et moin de lag je conseil fortement de virer l'anouncer dans les "players option" qui est tout simplement déguOulasse.
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MessageSujet: Re: Sortie de Zandronum 1.0   

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Sortie de Zandronum 1.0
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