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 3 new potential maps by Dutch Devil

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Localisation : The Putrefying Road in the Nineteenth Extremity
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MessageSujet: 3 new potential maps by Dutch Devil   Jeu 30 Mai 2013, 00:05

Okay!! So I sent Dutchy a message asking him if I could use a map he designed (also originally for the same abandoned project Valkiriforce/Captain Toenail's map came from), then he offered to send me 3 maps!!

Download: 5oon7b

"I'm fine with Wilou retexturing them. If he has some gameplay ideas for the maps I'm cool with that also. I'd prefer if he doesn't remove any rooms or add new areas. Apart from that its ok to make them fit the project more by re-texturing and doing some gameplay stuff." Unquote

In my opinion these maps are awesome, even if a little linear progression, but I'm sure a talented mapper / beta tester like Wilou could help with this and provide feedback, if he's up for it?
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MessageSujet: Re: 3 new potential maps by Dutch Devil   Jeu 30 Mai 2013, 00:48

Ok so I tested this with Franck (not in coop, I mean separately, but at the same time), and we pretty much agree on the same thing : the first 2 maps don't match Necromantic Thirst's gameplay, and are kinda too easy.
The 3rd one however, could be good, but still a bit easy. Retexturing it and adding monsters & stuff (and DELETING the super shotgun) could make it a good map for NT, but I guess we have to wait for others to test it and give us their opinions.

Blood Speedrunning by Dislogical

Dislogic's Metal Collection
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3 new potential maps by Dutch Devil
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